5 ways to keep your eyelashes shiny and bouncy

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5 Natural Ways to Make Your Eyelashes Longer and Thicker Naturally Easily Let's see how to nourish eyelashes. What will help you have long, thick and lush eyelashes.

olive oil
Use a drop of olive or castor oil on your fingertips and gently loop your eyelashes every day before bed. In addition to helping the eyelashes grow longer. It also helps to make the eyelashes look naturally black as well.

lemon peel
The easy way is to cut a lemon peel, wash, clean and soak it in olive oil or castor oil for 4-5 days and apply a thin layer on the eyelids. Lemons have natural and mild antiseptic properties. It will help promote the growth of your eyelashes to the fullest ever.

Before going to bed, use Vaseline. (Or any other brand of petroleum jelly) apply it onto a small towel. and put it on our eyelids After that, wash off with clean water in the morning. This will help your eyelashes grow naturally.

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iced green tea
Just don't misunderstand that it's Green tea that we drink regularly. Iced green tea here means chilled green tea separately. Take the chilled green tea and apply it to your eyelashes. You may use a round shape towel wrapped in green tea like a compress and place it on the eyelids. Green tea is gentle on the eyes and increases the strength of our eyelashes as well.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is rich in vitamin E, which is great for nourishing eyelashes. Simply use a cotton bud to spread aloe vera on your eyelashes before bed. then wash it off in the morning You may use it as an aloe vera gel instead of fresh aloe vera. Both easy and convenient.

Each method is not difficult to nourish the eyelashes, right? Hmmm, doing just this, the girls save a lot of money in their pockets. Plus, you don't have to take the risk of using chemical products that we don't even know what the ingredients are. Because our eyes are more important than anything else.