sowing cannabis seeds

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- Medical Seeds Co. - Jack La Mota 75% Sativa; 25% Indica. THC: 15% to 20%. CBD: High. I read somewhere it was about 3% Try google it to be secure. ... ana-seeds/ Address: 15601 Grand River Ave Detroit, MI 48227 Phone: 313-272-0395. Most users prefer to vape Lemon Cake, and while you can use it to treat depression, it tends to be even more effective for individuals with stress and fatigue. However, unlike most weed which is used to combat stress, it is not a good idea to try Lemon Cake in the evening because its effects will only serve to energize you and make it harder to sleep. It is also used to treat chronic pain, muscle spasms, and headaches. ... ish-seeds/ The Apothecarry Case might be the most dynamic cannabis humidor of the bunch. It comes with several accessories like rolling tray, accessory storage box, 3-chamber grinder, pre-roll storage tube, dabber, non-stick containers, and 4 glass jars. This is by far a more value-based cannabis humidor than the other 2 mention. While Cannador and Cannaseur boast high-end wood choices, precision manufacturing, and humidity control technology you’d expect from a high priced item. The Apothecarry Case makes little mention of materials and has a larger focus on the fact they are a full herb organization system on top of being a cannabis humidor. For those who aren’t interested in bragging to your stoner buddies about the sustainability of your cannabis humidor and rather have their money spent on multi-functional use, the Apothecarry Case might be the winner. Within our autoflowering seed catalogue, we feature our great, award-winning Royal Dwarf strain. Not only is this an inexpensive strain, costing you €5.00 per seed, it will also be very easy to grow. Easy in the sense that you won’t need a very big space. It’s called “Dwarf” for a reason. It’s a very compact and short strain, but will still produce up to 200g/m² indoors. If, due to exceptional circumstances you require a change to these details please contact us where we can attempt to make these arrangements for an additional charge, details below.